Here are 2 key ways that you can leverage Instagram to grow your following. Sharing your drop in your stories, and also on your grid as a post. But before we get started: if you’re going to use your Instagram to drive excitement about your DELLI shop, make sure that you know how to link to your DELLI shop in your bio and stories. 

1 - Go to your DELLI profile and hit the settings icon on the top right corner. Tap share profile and hit copy.

2 - On Instagram, tap ‘Edit profile’
3 - Paste the link to your DELLI store in your bio, or add it to your Linktree.

4 - You should see the link in your Bio update like below.

Sharing DELLI stories on Instagram

An IG story is a short video or photo that only appears for 24 hours before it disappears. Use stories to share with followers more about what you’re making, what goes into making it, and to just generally chat with and engage with them. Here are a few examples of what you could do:

  • Share behind-the-scenes content of you making your drop
  • Post recipes and ways that people can enjoy your drop when they buy it
  • Ask people what their favourite drop has been and share feedback
  • Repost when buyers share your drop with their followers too

Instagram have a number of handy stickers that you can use to add locations, hashtags, music and other things, but the most useful sticker is the ‘Link’ one, which allows you to link people directly to your DELLI shop and drop. Here’s how to make one:

Adding a link to your Instagram Story:

1 - Grab the link from your drop here
2 - Once you’ve selected a photo, go to stickers and select ‘Link’
3 - Paste the link here, and change the sticker title, too.
4 - Add any other information about the drop and share