Once you’ve gotten things off the ground and moving, you’ll find that sharing is a key component for success on DELLI, however, knowing when and how to share can be tricky. Whether it’s your friends and family, your existing and loyal customers, or your social media following, these people are most likely to take a look, purchase from you and then, in turn, tell their own friends and family too. Here’s how to do it: 


  • Post teasers and content in the build-up to your drop going live. You could even run a small competition rewarding the winner with a freebie.

    • Share on socials when you post your drop. If you’ve pre-scheduled it, encourage people to go to the drop and follow it so they get notified when it goes live.

  • When posting to stories, be sure to add a countdown sticker, you can also add a link so that people can head straight to your drop.

  • Encourage your followers to turn on notifications for your drops (see how this works here)

It’s live:

  • You should be shouting about your drop the most just as it goes live. Let your social followers know that they can straight to DELLI to get their hands on what you’ve been cooking up.

Time’s running out:

  • If you’re running low or your drop is scheduled to end soon, make sure you post about it to drive FOMO and remind people that once it’s gone, it’s gone (for now).

Sold out:

  • Even when your drop has ended and there’s nothing to sell, you should be sharing and letting people know they can turn on notifications for your next one. This is when you’ll tweak the interest of those who slept on it at first and have now lost out on getting it this time around.
  • Let people know when you’d be looking to drop next so they can keep it in mind and show them how to turn on notifications for your shop. (See how this works here)