The better the experience your buyer has, the more likely they are to buy from you again and tell their friends. Sharing great food and drink isn’t the only thing that determines whether a buyer is happy or not. Here are some things to keep on top of to make sure your buyers keep coming back:

Getting your drop info right:

The most straightforward of them all. Make sure you describe and photograph your drop accurately so that there are no nasty surprises when the buyer receives the item.

Be clear and succinct in your description, which will reduce the chances of the buyer needing to get in touch with you (ie saving you time as well)

  • How much product does the customer get e.g. the number of bottles or jars, how many kg / g / l / ml.
  • When you will be fulfilling the order
  • When they will be receiving it
  • Should they expect a tracking link from the courier company


Keep an eye on your DELLI chat messages and emails, and respond to queries quickly. The longer a potential buyer waits for a response to their question, the more likely they are to find something else or lose interest. Always remember to be polite, kind and accommodating, as you would expect from them. Remember to keep them updated when you’ve:

  • Received their order, let them know that you’ll be fulfilling it on time. Remember to accept the order in-app!
  • Fulfilled the order. Mark the order as fulfilled by clicking on the blue ‘Accepted’ text and marking it as shipped/collected.
  • A few days or weeks after they’ve received the order, drop them a message on email or DELLI chat to see how they enjoyed your drop or what they did with it. It’s a good way to get feedback, show them that you’re a human who cares... and also a good opportunity to ask them to share it with their friends or on socials too!

Shipping and collection:

Always keep the buyer in the loop on the status of their order. Make sure you stick to the timeline set out, and if for any reason you can’t fulfil the order within the timeframe, give the buyer an update and let them know when to expect it.


When it comes to packaging your drop before fulfilling orders, making a little bit more effort can make a huge difference. The most important thing is to make sure they receive their drop in one piece, and as you want them to, so make sure you use the right packaging and protection to ensure that it does.

Especially if your product is packaged in a glass jar or bottle, we recommend protecting your products with the following:

  • Corrugated cardboard sleeves, Flexi-hex sleeves or air shock bottle packs around each bottle
  • Bottle dividers in the packing box
  • Shredded paper padding to cushion bottles from movement when they are being moved around in a cargo bike, van or warehouse
  • Attaching a FRAGILE sticker to your packing box
  • Attaching a THIS WAY UP sticker to your packing box

On top of using good packaging, adding freebies and a handwritten note reminds buyers that you are a real person and you care about them. That way they’ll remember you for the next time they’re looking for something delicious on DELLI. Think of your packaging as your chance to connect with the buyer and show them what your DELLI shop is about, whether this is your first drop, or you’re an established brand.