You have the option when creating a drop to ‘Set a drop date’ and ‘Set end date’. Getting this right will maximise the number of people that find and purchase your drop.

Publishing your drop: Remember the DELLI feed is chronological, so publishing your drop at 8pm on a Friday (when everyone is out for dinner) might mean it goes under the radar.

Setting a drop date: Set your drop date at least 2 days into the future, so people can discover, get excited about and watch the drop.

Ending your drop: Make sure you’re super clear in your description when the last chance a buyer has to purchase is.

Hint: Think about when people are most likely to be active and browsing on DELLI... this is probably around the same time that you open your phone and start looking around for food inspiration yourself. It’s also worth bearing in mind when people are more likely to be treating themselves, or buying gifts for others (e.g. festive period, just after payday, etc).